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26 February 2012



Another "duh!" rule: address and approach all editors correctly. Never write just a first name or just a last name in the salutation line of your queries. Address an editor by his or her full name. Show respect. And you need to make sure you spell the name correctly (duh!). If an editor also has a middle initial, don't leave it out. If you are submitting online and the website does not mention the person who is receiving your query (the editor, the managing editor, a departmental editor, the art director), then this is one rule I break: I address the submission to the Editor-in-Chief or use a generic title (i.e. "To Editorial Staff").

Orange County Concrete Contractor

I never thought of layering rugs before! This is awesome!


Great article is there any chance I can take it and copy it onto my own blog

Rug Restoration

Those layered rugs looks really good. They complement each other. Layering rugs is not that easy to do.

Hailey Andersen

I keep reading about layered rugs, too. I'm always afraid that they'll be too bulky and people may trip over them. Glad to find some good tips here so that I can get that modern look to work for me with these stylish http://www.therugswarehouse.co.uk/designer-rugs.html that I've come across online. Thanks!

Adrian Smith

These are gorgeous! I have almost forgotten layering of rugs to make it this wonderful.


I think the photos you chose for this post are golden! Layering rugs isn't a design element that comes to mind first but it really can have a nice effect on the look and feel of the room.

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