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28 November 2007


モンクレール 2014

This post has been somewhat of a revelation to me.

Sonciary Honnoll (Dabbieri Blog)

Germaine, You haven't missed anything - we'll be announcing the winner soon! :)


k... who won or did I miss that?? :)


I think this rug would look great for my office. Is it available in different colors for other areas of my house?


What a terrific looking rug!


I greatly enjoyed the insight presented at during the conference call about marketing.
Thanks for providing such a great service to the design community.


This is beautiful rug!!! My daughter is a musician & it would be perfect for her. Thanks Janet


Oooooh....I likey.


This rug would be perfect for...Dancing on the Stars. A perfect fit for just about any enivronment.


Beautiful rug, hope I win, happy holidays!


I love the whimsy yet classy design of this rug. It's not easy to pull off that combination. It really makes me happy. :-)


What a great looking rug! It would be perfect under my piano!!


Place this AMAZING RUG in front of a fireplace,"BRING THE OUTSIDE IN"


Beautiful addition to any home.

Lisa Nelson

This would be a great rug for any room! Love the deep rich colors!

stan ginsburg

reminds me of earlier days


Michael Souza

We have star carpeting at the store and our customers love it, but this design is spectacular!

Philip d

What a great looking rug. I would really like this in my home.


I really like the stars, they are timeless, I would love to see it under my retro furniture!

Donna Hogan

I really would like to see this rug on my floor! Don't have any really nice rugs!! Merry Christmas to me!!


I was thinking... "I don't need another designer rug..." and then I saw it... I like it, I like it a lot!! :)


This rug would be the perfect addition to any room.

Susan Que

The rug is so impressive!

I hope i win!

Go Cardinals

This is a smokin rug, a very nice rug that would go great by a piano. I would like it in black and silver.


This fun yet elegant design fits today's needs. We want quality, without giving up style, to fit our lives. A+ on this rug.

Scott Stern

This is a beautiful rug. I can already see it in my house as I have the perfect place for it!


Fun and fabulous rug! I would love to have it in my home!


Nice rug. Can we see it in red?

Ben Carcio

Does the rug come in shag?


What a beautiful rug! I am going to put a family room next year & this would be perfect!


I have a room perfect for this rug! Very nice.


The Dabbieri Collection continues to impress! Contemporary hand-knotted Tibetan rugs with style. Sign me up!


The stars the limit. I love this rug!!!!My daughter is an up coming musician & it would be great in her room. Than Janet


What an extraordinary rug ... this would look perfect in my loft!


Beautiful! Perfect for my kids play room!


This rug would look great in any room!

Cheryl Williams

Very cool rug. It's great to see something different out there!


Gorgeous rug, especially for this time of year. This is one that I would leave out all year round though.


Absolutely gorgeous. The colors are perfect and would add the right amount of whimsey to any room.

Dawn Reggirio

Wow! This rug is dazzling, and should be called "Playing with the Stars". I have a baby grand that would be picture perfect on this too.


What a great pattern. Many people these days are adding media rooms to their homes...this rug would be PERFECT for that!!


I like the rug. My husband is a telescope guy and loves to look at the stars. We also have a old-world ship theme in our den so this could tie in nicely with it.

Cathy Salvaggio

This rug is fun and gorgeous.


What a great rug for this time of year! I would make it my focal point for designing the entire room! Great pattern....


This is a wow/fun rug. It would be great in a family room.


This is a great rug for all occasions. The best thing about it is that it can go in any room!

Laura Lee

This rug is gorgeous! Perfect for holidays or any decor where one wants to remember beautiful evenings or be inspired by the muses.


Absolutely stunning rug!!


I love the pattern, very festive for the holidays.



Katherine Sandoz

Stunning rug - totally dreamy!!

Brenda Tobin

I love this rug!!! How inspiring and fun!


This rug is great....I could put it in my family room, really brighten it up!


This Rug is Great! Perfect for a family room


How fabulous! I would love to design a room around this rug for one of my clients.


Gorgeous rug! And great concept for a blog!


What a cool rug! What other designs do you have?


Unique rug...hope it will make my room sing!

Dodi Sarette

I Like this rug! Would fit nicely in my music/Reiki Room!!

M. Austin Designer Floors

Night sky or snow flakes??? Either way it is beautiful...

Patrick Aaron

What size is this beautiful rug? I may need to rent a room-stretcher to fit it in!


AM I THE WINNER? YAHOO.............


Looks like the carpet in 10 forward.

Sam Presnell

Makes me want to lay under(over) the stars.Very cool.

Deborah Keller

I can't wait to win this rug. I have the perfect setting for it.

Raquel Perez

The Stars rug would look great in our music room at church.

Bonnie Boren (Wagner Carpet)

We have the perfect setting for this rug!!!


fit for the stars...really


This rug will inspire creativity!

harry gregorie

Very cool- appropriate for the season!


what a great rug!! perfect for me !!! :)


What a fun rug!

Sonciary Honnoll (Dabbieri Blog)

Great! We'll announce the winner around the end of December. Good luck!

Lisa Bright

I registered!!! When will the winner be announced???

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