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04 October 2007


Sonciary Honnoll (Dabbieri Blog)

Maryam - Of course the peacock is just for you! :)

maryam in marrakesh

Hey, is that peacock comment just for me? Teasing, teasing. Okay, so I am looking for the perfect shades of blue, red, grey and pink for a new collection I am making and this is super helpful. But I am finding a hard time finding a pink or blue that I like in the group above. Hmmm...will have to think on it.

Sonciary Honnoll

Hello Interior Designers Pune. It looks like part of your comment was cut off "turquoise doesn't seem to be making ..."?

In regards to Lilac, the Lilac's I've spotted aren't the traditional Lilac color, they are infused with a bright eye catching pink.

I'm curious to know what you've seen as of late. :)

Sonciary Honnoll

Hello Mark! It is interesting! I have been spying many purple and pink themes in room scene magazines of late. One had a plum and bright purple motif that carried throughout the sitting room, living room and kitchen! Good luck on your quest to find the perfect mauve hue. Since you're in LA, you should check out some of our showrooms in that area.

Interior Designers Pune

What about Lilac? haven't seen any of that around? In or Out? Also in the shades of blue...turquoise doesn't seem to be making

Mark Cutler

I thought it was interesting to see how much of the selection is dedicated to shades of pink and purple. I was recently shopping for that perfect mauve and had no luck, perhaps my fortunes will change.

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